Test and Evaluation

Test and

As a system progresses through the phases of the acquisition lifecycle, T&E informs a variety of decisions that are critical to ensuring the system’s effectiveness and suitability in the operational environment. Garud supports the T&E continuum (CT, DT&E, OA, IOT&E, FOT&E, IT&E, JT&E) with compliant best practices from DHS, DoD and industry.

Our experienced, credentialed team can assist with:
Requirements Refinement/Allocation
Strategy and TEMP Development
Task Analysis and Requirements Allocation
Task Analysis and Requirements
Recommendations and Delivery
Requirements Verification Traceability Matrix (RVTM)
Experiment Design
Data collection planning/execution/analytics
Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A)
quality assurance
Test Reporting
Agile Development Environment
T&E for Agile
Cybersecurity Test Planning and Coordination
Development / Integrated / Operational program T&E
Evaluation framework temp development concepts of test format test plans
Functional data process performance data increment testing RAM / Cyber data
End-to-end data analysis letters of observation operational assessment format T&A reports
  • Agile Information Technology Pilot Program T&E
  • Cybersecurity T&E Planning/Coordination/Assessment
  • "Innovative" Real-Time Electronic Data Collection Technology

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