Business Performance Optimization (BPO)
Garud provides business BPO solutions through its capabilities and those of its business partners, that optimizes customer profitability, supply chain efficiencies and process performance for government and commercial clients.

We implement solutions that transform existing data into strategically-meaningful and actionable insights in areas such as cost and profit management, financial forecasting, analytics, and performance management.

We are partnered with SAS and CT Global Solutions to provide customized Business Analytics tools such as SAS software customization for government and commercial customers.

Garud’s BPO solutions and capabilities include:

  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)—Development of the “As-Is”, Transitional and “To-Be” Analyses
  • Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Activity Based Management (ABM)
  • Portfolio Management and OMB 300s
  • Recommendations and Delivery of “Best Business Practices”, “Industry Averages”, “Benchmarks” and metrics
  • Development of Independent Government Cost Estimation (IGCEs), Life Cycle Cost Estimates (LCCEs), “Should Costs”; Budget analyses to the highest standards
  • Development of Analysis of Alternatives (AoAs), Cost Benefit Analyses (CBA)
  • Risk Identification and Management, development of risk adjusted costs and schedules via the Monte Carlo Simulation, Latin Hypercube and other recognized methodologies
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) development, analyses, reporting
  • Appropriate recommendation on transition and sequencing for software
  • Optimal staffing profile and mix determination for software development through different stages
  • Expert application of tools such as Crystal Ball, COCOMOII, R2, COSTAR, COSYSMO, Risk Plus
  • @risk (for simulation), Design IDEF (Integrated Definition) for business process modeling