Garud Technology Services (GTS) provides cradle-to-grave contractual support, including development of Screening Information Requests (SIRs), preparation of award documents for directed and competed contracts, contract administration support and coordination of closeout activities as required to successfully execute the Power Services Group (PSG) acquisition mission.

Why is This a Challenge?
Well-conceived, planned and executed acquisitions are critical to ensure that the contracting outcome meets the needs of the customer and costs/schedules are realistic. The combination of the constant pace of technology advancements and complex business processes typical of federal contracting makes effective acquisition of products and services a challenge. Ensuring that the FAA has the best technology available and effective packages for acquisitions together is not a simple task. Any misstep in the process can lead to acquisition of subpar technologies and poor project execution simply because the acquisition was flawed. This wastes time and money for the customer.

What has GTS done to ensure success?
Leverage industry and government acquisition experience
GTS delivers staff that uniquely blend industry and government acquisition experience. Government acquisition experience is essential to ensure that acquisition strategies, cost estimates and SIR packages developed to require minimal re-work. Industry acquisition experience enables improved analysis of alternatives – both in terms of technologies and technical approaches – proposed by bidders. Further, GTS delivers proactive and regular market research to ensure PSG is aware of new technologies along with their potential merits to enable a better acquisition strategy. Our team provides the government customer unique insights into commercial perspectives which drives their anticipated bidding strategies. Understanding how industry bidders approach proposal development and problem solving ultimately improves the ability of the government to identify and select best value proposals.

Collaborative Strategy Sessions to Understand Requirements and Propose New Technologies
With the support of the government customer, GTS created and leads working group sessions specifically designed to support PSG acquisitions. GTS led efforts to facilitate improved communications between contracting and technical personnel in order to ensure common understanding of technical and managerial requirements. The result is a significantly decreased SIR development cycle time, re-work and improved acquisition outcomes.

GTS blends industry and government acquisition experience to enable efficient development and execution of PSG acquisition efforts. The custom, developed and executed collaborative strategy session ensures understanding of technical requirements and challenges for contracting and technical personnel alike. Proactive market research enables GTS to propose acquisition approaches that will always satisfy customer needs. Ultimately, the experience and communication enabled by GTS decreases the time to create and approve SIRs which enables a better overall delivery of products and services needed by the PSG customer.