Our Mission
To provide premier technical and program support services and solutions for Mission Support, Program Management, Portfolio & Technical Management, Business and Financial Management, and Test & Evaluation to the public and private sectors. We will strive to anticipate the needs of our customers in all our service offerings while maximizing efficiency and quality in everything we do.

We will always be focused on customer satisfaction and engagement with clients, partners and team members to cultivate enduring relationships and partnerships.

GTS will strive to continue being a lead provider of technical and program support services, embracing opportunities to grow and break new ground in all areas.

Our Vision
To remain a leader in providing Systems Engineering Technical Assistance (SETA) and specialized support to the federal and private sector. We will achieve this through our ongoing commitment to unparalleled service and the delivery of innovative products and solutions that help our customers achieve their goals.

Our Values
Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Agility – We adapt to meet changing business landscapes, and the needs of our customers. Through the application of an agile mindset, we strive to provide clear value to all. This approach challenges us to think beyond mere tools, techniques, and processes as solutions; instead, agile thinking starts with people.

Excellence – We persistently create better ways of doing what we do. We will not rest on our accomplishments, but build on them to be the best we can be. We expect more of ourselves than our clients do. We strive to exceed expectations in every project.

Invest in People – We hire, train and retain the best and brightest team members and leaders, fostering an environment of continuous learning and respect. Team GTS will work toward a diverse and cross-trained workforce equipping employees to performing a broader number of activities within their assigned areas of responsibilities.

Teamwork – We leverage our collective diversity to emphasize team success over individual outcomes.

Leadership – We lead and manage to cultivate leadership at all levels within our organization.

Growth – We all seek new opportunities to grow GTS as we are all ambassadors of the value that GTS brings to each customer and their mission.